Download Curvature Data

Curvature files are created by analyzing the geometry of highways in the OpenStreetMap dataset to detect curves and ranking each segment based on how many curves there are. The highways are then filtered to include only the most twisty segments in the output. Additional filtering is done to exclude segments marked with surface tags that indicate that they are unpaved. The resulting highways are combined into color-coded KML/KMZ files that can be opened in GoogleEarth or other programs for viewing. See the Using KML Files and Detected Curves KML files pages for more details.

Sub-divided Regions

Region Curvature ≥ 1000
Very twisty
Curvature ≥ 300
Moderately twisty
Detected curves
(Curvature ≥ 1000)
Date Updated
central-america c_1000 c_300 c_1000.curves 2024-02-23 15:31 UTC

Improving the Data

Because Curvature uses the OpenStreetMap -- a world-map that anyone can edit -- as its data source, you too can improve the map and thereby improve the Curvature files the next time they are generated. For more information about improvements that are of particular help to Curvature, please see the Curvature OpenStreetMap page.